[VIDEO] How To Pick Up A Motorcycle

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Hopefully you never need to pick up your motorcycle which means you never drop it.

Ideally, in such situations where you might need to pick up one of these heavy bikes that weigh over a quarter ton, you have people around to help you out.

However there may be a time where you are alone and this situation arises so it is good to be prepared and know ahead of time how to pick up your bike properly.

Here's a step-by-step way to pick up a motorcycle should you need to do it by yourself.

To lift the motorcycle, follow these steps:

1) Squat down with your back towards the seat of the motorcycle.

2) Grab the back fender from the bottom and the lower handlebar grip – knuckles out, palms in.

3) Position your rear end between the center and upper edge of the seat.

4) Place your feet together underneath you or with one foot forward so you can push without slipping.

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  1. Yeah right. He aint bleeding limping or on a 15 degree incline on pea gravel! And yes have dropped mine and could not get it back up. Riding 50 years now. And being older isn’t much help either!

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