Caught On Tape – Motorcycle Catches Fire

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In 2014 during Streetfighterz ROC Ride of the Century in St. Louis, Missouri this unfortunate street bike stunt rider performing illegal stunts such as riding long wheelies suddenly jumps off his motorcycle and pushes it over when something goes terribly wrong causing the motorbike to go up in flames.

Watch as many other bikers stop to help and assist the motorcyclist in putting out the fire as his sport bike burns on the side of the road. The fire continues to burn hotter and get bigger until riders pour multiple water bottles on the fire. But the fire still burns until finally another motorcycle stunt rider gets large plastic tube filled with water and is able to put out the fire completely.

The make and model of the motorcycle that catches on fire is a custom built 2003 2004 Kawasaki Ninja ZX636 ZX6R stunt bike fully customized for performing motorcycle stunts on the street.


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